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“If you're looking to eat delicious local sourced authentic bbq, you have to try the food here! Family legacy cooking at its very best, it doesn't get more real Texas smoked deliciousness than this, y'all!! Best brisket on NoVA!”

- Carrie Green -


“Ran into and old acquaintance while getting pumpkins for the kids. Suggested Burnt Ends, this place was news to me. Kids had the pulled pork sandwiches, beef brisket for me, and a rack of ribs for the wife and lil man. Juicy, tasty, just superb. Besides the best barbecue I've ever had these folks are very friendly, make you feel like family. Yep, new addiction indeed. Got to try it folks, I'm sure you'll be hooked.”

- Sean Carman -


"I took my family tonight for dinner....little did I know it would be a trip down memory lane. I lived in Austin TX for 5+ yrs and the bbq I tasted tonight made me feel like I wasn't in Culpeper. Authentic, juicy, spot on Real Texas Bbq! TX Bbq is supposed to stay with you on your tongue and that feeling is perfect here! Thanks for Dinner Ronnie and Maria! You've won us! And the kids had a blast getting to know your little ones!”

- Jessica Furlong-


“Highly recommend this place, I thought "the other place" in town had good bbq, nothing compared to this! Great food, great people, can't wait to go back.”

- Hunter Drake -


“Best BBQ in the STATE!!! I've been waiting for a good Texas BBQ place to show up in VA and it's finally here. Great, from the brisket to the ribs and pulled pork! You will not be disappointed. If you live in NoVA, you owe it to yourself to make the drive to Culpeper to get you some BBQ.”

- Ernest Ariola -

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